Ledgendary Evils


Upon entering the Mausoleum there was some run-ins with some more demons 2 Jovocks and an Elite Balban. After taking care of theses pesky demons they entered the Mausoleum the group encountered a an angelic marble statue in plate mail and wielding an enormous maul with a plaque in Celestial reading “St. Clydwell-Patron of Vigilance”

In the second room the party encountered a defaced statue that also has a plaque that says in Celestial “Guenarog-Sentinel of Valor”

In the 3rd room the party found a trapped statue that contained a Faith Orb. In the 4th room there was another statue with a plaque in Celestial “Naimar-Sentinel of Truth”

The 5th room contained 5 Babau demons, and in the 6th room there is a statue that when touched casts the Maximized spell Cure Serious Wounds also a plaque that reads in Celestial “St. Cayr Astil-Patron of Mercy”

Finding the way out of the Mausoleum the party takes a stairway that leads up to a Desecrated Chapel. Upon entering the Chapel the party finds a horrific scene. The keep’s chapel is ripe with the stench of unspeakable carnage. Human bodies stripped naked, their flesh marred with dozens of puncture wounds swollen into purplish oozing welts, lie propped against the doors. Gore spatters the floor, benches, and wall-panels painted with life-size portraits of saints. At various heights, dozens more corpses spiked to the high rafters leak ichorous stains down upon the deadpan portraits, anointing them in blood. Behind the pulpit, a staircase ascends in a steep curve to a choir loft.

Within the Chapel is the possessed Sir Calain, that has his squire nailed to his tower shield. After a brief struggle Sir Calain along with 2 Babau demons are slain, and after his death the possessing demon a Son of Perdition springs forth to fight.

New Adventure started The Demon Within

Well we had a good run today, everyone got the loot finally divided from the last adventure and bought some new items.

Valeks got a message from a old friend Holton Albright, who was getting ordained into the Order of Holy Sentinels. During the ceremony in Clydwell Keep, Holton transformed into a Glabrazu demon and killed the Head Priest. Chaos in-sued as 6 unknown demons teleported in and started killing the guests and 2 Vrock demons crashing through the stained glass windows also killing guests. The party divided and attacked the demons, Daeron attacking one of the unknown demons with a magic missile when something strange happened, a burst of chaotic energy exploded forth from the little demon and killed all the guests within 30ft of the demon. Realising that this demon was a Jovoc demon and that its aura of retribution damages anything non-demon within 30ft of it, the party was in for a hard fight. After a long and grueling fight in which Yachieru died from wounds twice the party managed to banish 4 of the Jovocs and slay the rest of the demons.


After defeating the wizard and her golem and anti-paladin bodyguard the party rested and then set out to the top of Shephrous.

Climbing to the top of the ramp the party comes across the COLOSSAL GREAT WYRM BRONZE DRAGON Astersyn. Puzzled by his actions (he was saying strange things and smashing the floor of the pillar) after a bit of diplomacy and some scary actions from the dragon the party managed to convince Astersyn to come with them to the Bronze dragon crypt.

After taking Astersyn to the Bronze Dragon crypt the party made it’s way back up the pillar to look at the runes scrawled in the floor. After translating them to read “Speak your challenge” the party figured out how to open the trap doors to reveal a 50’ diameter by 240’ deep shaft.

Feather Falling and flying down the shaft the heroes found another odd room, a glowing HUGE iron door 40’ tall and 30’ wide door blocked the passage out, figuring out that the glowing was a rotating elemental damage aura the party waited for Angus to open it when it hit the fire aura.
Upon doing so 2 more Tongues of Rebuke attacked. Making short work of them the party traveled down a long hall to another huge room, 400’ tall and 80’ across that has 12 columns encircling the room. Finding out that the columns each had an aura just like the iron door from before Dareon went up to investigate the ceiling which looked like a magic shimmering screen.

Dareon flying up to examine the screen was suddenly attacked by 2 new constructs called Wings of Protection, the party rushing to Daerons side managed to defeat this new foe and after a bit of thinking slipped passed the glowing screen and into the final chamber.

Seeing a strange chamber with 2 huge 50’ tall obelisks with arcane fire arcing from each one from across the room and illuminating a field of crystal in the center. Making their way to examine the crystals the party was ambushed by and invisible Green Dragon! Fighting ensued as Culpangia a Female mature adult green dragon attacked the with a unique ability of holding her breath weapon in her mouth there by making her bite attack even deadlier!

Overcoming Culpangia was no easy feat, Valeks risking life and limb for the party leapt into her mouth with a tower shield pinning it open so the rest of the party could take her out. Alas Valeks did not survive the fight and was killed, but the rest of the party was triumphant!

Game 11/25/12

Well we had a few interesting things happen last session.

First there was the encounter with Lephrelourge (Male elite draconic mohrg juvenile green dragon), trust me he was interesting to build. The fight went well especially with Bruza‘s help things went a bit easier. Having cast freedom of movement on herself and Angus really sped up the battle (luckily also sense Angus would have been swallowed!). After the undead menace’s defeat the party started climbing the huge (30′×30′) ramp, and after hearing the screams of something above them the party encountered a door that opened by its self. inside was a huge room with white marble floors and ceiling and along the walls in flowing ancient draconic script. In the center of the room was a podium with a strange rune and 2 hand prints next to it. Angus bravely went up to it and place his hands upon it, then suddenly was engulfed in a sphere of darkness! Evidently Angus communicated with the draconic God Apsu (LG god of dragons, glory, leadership, and peace) after a brief exchange Angus regained his half-dragon heritage! With that taken care of the party continued traveling up the gigantic ramp, only to come across a opening that had a room with a huge pit in it also a strange metallic man with his 2 large Adamantium dogs and a Cannon with spider legs hanging overhead!

The strange man was quicker than the party and casted a Wall of Force sealing off the opening. After a lengthy exchange and a quick trip out of Shearphorus and then a quick consolation with the ghost of Auronorex, Trauzek agreed to let the party pass by unharmed.

Jumping into the pit a null-gravity field prevented then from reaching the bottom, where they had a brief exchange with Tornulis a would-be conqueror and her 2 hired mercenaries! The fight was EPIC both sides had strong opponents but with the ranger(arcane archer) switching sides the good guys won the day!

Legendary Evils
pathfinder, legendary evils

No one had died as of yet (insert evil laughter here) and yes Bruza was very useful especially when you all teleported into a pool of acid! (ouch!)

Well to recap, You were hired by an herbalist named Aroon that has lived in Almas for the past 50 years. He sent a note to you as you were leaving the temple of Desna after the priestess there requested that you find The Book of Vile Darkness. In the book might be able to give more information about the World Born Dead. After taking the teleport circle to dragon fall you encountered a 2 mile plateau that is the graveyard. After a harrowing dust avalanche and battling 2 dragon skeletons you find a Cathedral made of dragon bones, within was the remains of a Gargantuan blue dragon with its’ head smashed to pieces. After investigating the remains you found 2 green dragon scales embedded in the blues’ skull, after leaving the Cathedral you were attacked by a flying snake like construct that breathed acid and when defeated EXPLODED! Next you found the recently deceased body of a great wyrm gold dragon that was Auronorex, his spirit still their told you many things. From there you headed to the Green dragons’ temple and encountered 4 satyr half-white dragons and a battle ensued. after going into the temple you found another teleport circle that dropped all of you into pool of acid, thanks to Bruzas quick thinking by casting a mass energy resistance you all survived and were able to climb out into the next area above you through a hole in the ceiling. When the rest of party was trying to climb out of the acid pit Bruza and Emeril were attacked by 4 undead! Bruza was paralyzed while Emeril escaped to the ceiling by flying! Daeron transformed himself using a spell to climb and Moyra and Yachiru climbed as well to the exit. after a few rounds the climbers made it out to assist the fight as poor Valtyr and Angus had to slowly climb their way out. Defeating the undead and waiting for Bruza you recover the party searched for a way out and some of them stumbled into a TRAP. only Angus was affected by a Temporal Stasis spell that would have permanently trapped Angus frozen in time had Bruza not made a successful Dispel check. After finding the way out through a hole in the ceiling that was plugged up with roots you have made your way to the next level.
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