Ledgendary Evils

New Adventure started The Demon Within

Well we had a good run today, everyone got the loot finally divided from the last adventure and bought some new items.

Valeks got a message from a old friend Holton Albright, who was getting ordained into the Order of Holy Sentinels. During the ceremony in Clydwell Keep, Holton transformed into a Glabrazu demon and killed the Head Priest. Chaos in-sued as 6 unknown demons teleported in and started killing the guests and 2 Vrock demons crashing through the stained glass windows also killing guests. The party divided and attacked the demons, Daeron attacking one of the unknown demons with a magic missile when something strange happened, a burst of chaotic energy exploded forth from the little demon and killed all the guests within 30ft of the demon. Realising that this demon was a Jovoc demon and that its aura of retribution damages anything non-demon within 30ft of it, the party was in for a hard fight. After a long and grueling fight in which Yachieru died from wounds twice the party managed to banish 4 of the Jovocs and slay the rest of the demons.



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