Ledgendary Evils

Legendary Evils

pathfinder, legendary evils

No one had died as of yet (insert evil laughter here) and yes Bruza was very useful especially when you all teleported into a pool of acid! (ouch!)

Well to recap, You were hired by an herbalist named Aroon that has lived in Almas for the past 50 years. He sent a note to you as you were leaving the temple of Desna after the priestess there requested that you find The Book of Vile Darkness. In the book might be able to give more information about the World Born Dead. After taking the teleport circle to dragon fall you encountered a 2 mile plateau that is the graveyard. After a harrowing dust avalanche and battling 2 dragon skeletons you find a Cathedral made of dragon bones, within was the remains of a Gargantuan blue dragon with its’ head smashed to pieces. After investigating the remains you found 2 green dragon scales embedded in the blues’ skull, after leaving the Cathedral you were attacked by a flying snake like construct that breathed acid and when defeated EXPLODED! Next you found the recently deceased body of a great wyrm gold dragon that was Auronorex, his spirit still their told you many things. From there you headed to the Green dragons’ temple and encountered 4 satyr half-white dragons and a battle ensued. after going into the temple you found another teleport circle that dropped all of you into pool of acid, thanks to Bruzas quick thinking by casting a mass energy resistance you all survived and were able to climb out into the next area above you through a hole in the ceiling. When the rest of party was trying to climb out of the acid pit Bruza and Emeril were attacked by 4 undead! Bruza was paralyzed while Emeril escaped to the ceiling by flying! Daeron transformed himself using a spell to climb and Moyra and Yachiru climbed as well to the exit. after a few rounds the climbers made it out to assist the fight as poor Valtyr and Angus had to slowly climb their way out. Defeating the undead and waiting for Bruza you recover the party searched for a way out and some of them stumbled into a TRAP. only Angus was affected by a Temporal Stasis spell that would have permanently trapped Angus frozen in time had Bruza not made a successful Dispel check. After finding the way out through a hole in the ceiling that was plugged up with roots you have made your way to the next level.



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