Ledgendary Evils

Game 11/25/12

Well we had a few interesting things happen last session.

First there was the encounter with Lephrelourge (Male elite draconic mohrg juvenile green dragon), trust me he was interesting to build. The fight went well especially with Bruza‘s help things went a bit easier. Having cast freedom of movement on herself and Angus really sped up the battle (luckily also sense Angus would have been swallowed!). After the undead menace’s defeat the party started climbing the huge (30′×30′) ramp, and after hearing the screams of something above them the party encountered a door that opened by its self. inside was a huge room with white marble floors and ceiling and along the walls in flowing ancient draconic script. In the center of the room was a podium with a strange rune and 2 hand prints next to it. Angus bravely went up to it and place his hands upon it, then suddenly was engulfed in a sphere of darkness! Evidently Angus communicated with the draconic God Apsu (LG god of dragons, glory, leadership, and peace) after a brief exchange Angus regained his half-dragon heritage! With that taken care of the party continued traveling up the gigantic ramp, only to come across a opening that had a room with a huge pit in it also a strange metallic man with his 2 large Adamantium dogs and a Cannon with spider legs hanging overhead!

The strange man was quicker than the party and casted a Wall of Force sealing off the opening. After a lengthy exchange and a quick trip out of Shearphorus and then a quick consolation with the ghost of Auronorex, Trauzek agreed to let the party pass by unharmed.

Jumping into the pit a null-gravity field prevented then from reaching the bottom, where they had a brief exchange with Tornulis a would-be conqueror and her 2 hired mercenaries! The fight was EPIC both sides had strong opponents but with the ranger(arcane archer) switching sides the good guys won the day!



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