Ledgendary Evils


After defeating the wizard and her golem and anti-paladin bodyguard the party rested and then set out to the top of Shephrous.

Climbing to the top of the ramp the party comes across the COLOSSAL GREAT WYRM BRONZE DRAGON Astersyn. Puzzled by his actions (he was saying strange things and smashing the floor of the pillar) after a bit of diplomacy and some scary actions from the dragon the party managed to convince Astersyn to come with them to the Bronze dragon crypt.

After taking Astersyn to the Bronze Dragon crypt the party made it’s way back up the pillar to look at the runes scrawled in the floor. After translating them to read “Speak your challenge” the party figured out how to open the trap doors to reveal a 50’ diameter by 240’ deep shaft.

Feather Falling and flying down the shaft the heroes found another odd room, a glowing HUGE iron door 40’ tall and 30’ wide door blocked the passage out, figuring out that the glowing was a rotating elemental damage aura the party waited for Angus to open it when it hit the fire aura.
Upon doing so 2 more Tongues of Rebuke attacked. Making short work of them the party traveled down a long hall to another huge room, 400’ tall and 80’ across that has 12 columns encircling the room. Finding out that the columns each had an aura just like the iron door from before Dareon went up to investigate the ceiling which looked like a magic shimmering screen.

Dareon flying up to examine the screen was suddenly attacked by 2 new constructs called Wings of Protection, the party rushing to Daerons side managed to defeat this new foe and after a bit of thinking slipped passed the glowing screen and into the final chamber.

Seeing a strange chamber with 2 huge 50’ tall obelisks with arcane fire arcing from each one from across the room and illuminating a field of crystal in the center. Making their way to examine the crystals the party was ambushed by and invisible Green Dragon! Fighting ensued as Culpangia a Female mature adult green dragon attacked the with a unique ability of holding her breath weapon in her mouth there by making her bite attack even deadlier!

Overcoming Culpangia was no easy feat, Valeks risking life and limb for the party leapt into her mouth with a tower shield pinning it open so the rest of the party could take her out. Alas Valeks did not survive the fight and was killed, but the rest of the party was triumphant!



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