Ledgendary Evils


Upon entering the Mausoleum there was some run-ins with some more demons 2 Jovocks and an Elite Balban. After taking care of theses pesky demons they entered the Mausoleum the group encountered a an angelic marble statue in plate mail and wielding an enormous maul with a plaque in Celestial reading “St. Clydwell-Patron of Vigilance”

In the second room the party encountered a defaced statue that also has a plaque that says in Celestial “Guenarog-Sentinel of Valor”

In the 3rd room the party found a trapped statue that contained a Faith Orb. In the 4th room there was another statue with a plaque in Celestial “Naimar-Sentinel of Truth”

The 5th room contained 5 Babau demons, and in the 6th room there is a statue that when touched casts the Maximized spell Cure Serious Wounds also a plaque that reads in Celestial “St. Cayr Astil-Patron of Mercy”

Finding the way out of the Mausoleum the party takes a stairway that leads up to a Desecrated Chapel. Upon entering the Chapel the party finds a horrific scene. The keep’s chapel is ripe with the stench of unspeakable carnage. Human bodies stripped naked, their flesh marred with dozens of puncture wounds swollen into purplish oozing welts, lie propped against the doors. Gore spatters the floor, benches, and wall-panels painted with life-size portraits of saints. At various heights, dozens more corpses spiked to the high rafters leak ichorous stains down upon the deadpan portraits, anointing them in blood. Behind the pulpit, a staircase ascends in a steep curve to a choir loft.

Within the Chapel is the possessed Sir Calain, that has his squire nailed to his tower shield. After a brief struggle Sir Calain along with 2 Babau demons are slain, and after his death the possessing demon a Son of Perdition springs forth to fight.



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